• Lead partner Anton ARCHSTRUKTURA Nagavitsyn participated in the expert group of the Moscow Festival of architecture and architects in Moscow "Golden Section" 2013

    "Golden Section" - a traditional review competition, organized for over 15 years, the Union of Moscow Architects. In-competition involves work performed by Moscow architects, without reference to the geography of the project. Expert advice and a jury composed of the winners of previous years, so professionals evaluate the work of their colleagues. The traditional categories, such as "Draft" and "implementation" added a few new ones, for example, the category "Event" and "publication", including articles in print and online publications. Widening the circle allows you to submit nominations to contest the diversity of architectural life of Moscow and the Moscow architects.
    The competition is open to architects, designers, planners, journalists and other professionals living in Moscow and Moscow region
    The competition will feature works that did not participate in the previous contest "Golden Section", with the exception of buildings, previously exhibited in the category "Project"
    The Expert Council of the contest:
    1. Bashkaev Timur Istanovich, "Architectural Bureau T. Bashkaeva"
    2. Elena Gonzalez Tsezarevna, Publishing House "Project Russia"
    3. Kuzembaev Totan Bayduysenovich, Architectural Totana Kuzembayeva
    4. Lukomsky Valery V., "Arch Moscow-City"
    5. Lyutomsky Nicholas V., "APB ELIS"
    6. Nagavitsyn Anton A., «ARCHSTRUKTURA»
    7. Savinkin Vladislav, "Field Design"
    8. Uborevich-Borovsky Boris O., «UB.design»
    9. Dmitry E. Fesenko, the magazine "Architectural Journal"
    10. Michael A. Filippov, Mikhail Filippov Workshop
    11. Homjakova Anastasiya, "Sergei Kiselyov and Partners"
    12. Chabounine Boris, master architect B.A.Shabunina

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  • We finished renovating our office at ArtPlay
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  • An exhibition of nominees INNOVATION 2012 by Anton Nagavitsyn project.

    Until ... May 5 in the exhibition hall of the National Centre for Contemporary Arts (NCCA) at the Zoological streets of Moscow opened an exhibition of nominees - finalists of the VIII All-Russian competition in the field of contemporary visual art "Innovation." The exhibition was prepared curator Irina employee NCCA throat and architect Anton Nagovitsyn.
    Itself presentation materials finalists made very convincing. Without elaborate architectural excesses, with which some of the previous exhibitions have sinned "Innovation." With a clear rhythm, a sense of scale ratios of different projects and respect for each exhibitor. On the part of the image of "Innovation" recalls divided into sections, scientific and technical laboratory. Each compartment is clean, simple, sterile and clearly labeled. Transect across the hall light red design - modules, or to install an array of individual materials exhibition. I recall the familiar from photographs halls of the first workers' clubs of avant-garde times ...
    From the article " conveyor of ideas », Sergei Khachaturov," Arterritory "
    ... Of course, in the microscopic (about 150 sq. m.) compared with the spaces of national museums and arts centers in other countries (take the same Paris Centre Pompidou) Hall NCCA reflect the scale of the past year across the Russian exhibitions simply impossible: there is no place for exhibiting at least one object of each project-nominee. However, its curator Irina Gorlova together with the architect Anton Nagovitsyn this time dealt with the exposure is better than ever - apparently gave them inspiration welcome the recent approval of the Ministry of Culture of the project of the new museum building on the NCCA Khodynka. It should stay and a permanent display of the impressive assets of the institution, and a huge exhibition space for temporary exhibitions ...
    From the article "
    Steel in Art: exhibition of nominees for the "Innovation", "OlegKrasnov," Arterritory "

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Branch of the National Center for Contemporary Art in Ekaterinburg, Russia

Additional Info

  • Место: Екатеринбург
  • Адрес:

    Россия, Екатеринбург, ул. Добролюбова, 19а

    Russia, Yekaterinburg, ul. Dobrolyubova, 19a

  • Функция: Общественные
  • Дата: 2013
  • Тип заказа: Заказ
  • Заказчик:

    Государственный Центр Современного Искусства

    National Center for Contemorary Art

  • Тип строительства: Реставрация и приспособление
  • Стадия проектирования: Концепция
  • Статус объекта: Проектирование
  • Площадь м2: 2500
  • Масштаб: до 10000 м²
  • Число этажей: 3
  • Этажнoсть: малоэтажные
  • Проектировщик-генпроектировщик:





  • Авторский коллектив:

    Михаил Миндлин,
    Антон Нагавицын(ГАП),
    Михаил Хазанов,
    Михаил Вяткин
    при участии:
    Ольга Рачковская,
    Рябов Владислав,
    Максим Хазанов,
    Сурен Меликсетян

    Mikhail Mindlin,
    Anton Nagavitsyn (Project architect),
    Mikhail Khazanov,
    Mikhail Vyatkin
    with the participation of:
    Olga Rachkovskaya,
    Vladislav Ryabov,
    Maxim Khazanov,
    Suren Meliksetyan

This design followed strict requirements to the construction of contemporary art centers which ban damaging or irreversibly altering a historical monument, and order to safeguard and restore it as best as possible. So we designed a number of minimum additions providing both for all modern functions at the same time being stylistically neutral and meeting the safeguarding policy. The original layout of the overall building as well as its facades and surviving architectural elements remained intact. New elements are proposed to be set on the rear facade of the building, which is not a heritage site and doesn’t alter the building’s original outlook as viewed from the main city streets.